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I'm Liam, a Vietnamese guy living and working in the US. I am thrilled to share my experience in product development by writing about the tasks I do day by day.

I started blogging in 2004 when I first encountered WordPress. It's an interesting platform, so I've been using it ever since. Although nothing was posted on this blog in 2004, I included the year in my footer script to remind myself that I began blogging that year.

After spending a long time working in design, I've come to understand that designing online is the best option for everybody. Therefore, I created Printior, which is a smart tool for users who want to design graphics without software and directly import them into their blog posts or download them for printing. This blog is intended to provide more tutorials to help people easily navigate and control the tool.

Perhaps you found this blog by searching on Google, which is fantastic for me. I appreciate all your views and any comments you may have.

To contact me, please send a message to my mailbox:
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Thank you so much.

Liam Pham
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States